For a better functioning and organization of work inside the “S&F Tennis Club” will bring to your attention both to the Internal Rules which states “S&F Tennis Club” by its Members and states to those obligations.


1.1. “S&F Tennis Club” reserves the right to select its members.
1.2. Club staff reserves the right to refuse entry into club territory any member whose attitude is apparently vulgar or anti-social.
1.3. “S&F Tennis Club” reserves the right to penalize any member (player / parent) showing.
1.4. “S&F Tennis Club” provides members with quality services and highly professional.
1.5. To provide players features like: air-ground pool, room during the winter and tennis programs suitable for each group separately.
1.6. For reasons of health and avoidance of accidents, the company does not allow placing glasses brittle or bottles in the club.
1.7. Inside the club is not allowed to take animals of any kind.
1.8. The Company is not responsible for accidents occurring solely the fault of the members.


2.1. Each member must show consideration and respect to all other members of the club and from the staff. Vulgar talk or threats of any kind are not admitted to any level.
2.2. Each member must maintain cleanliness in the club.
2.3. Players “S&F Tennis Club” are required to wear appropriate tennis.
2.4. Players under 14 years accompanied by a family member is mandatory.
2.5. All members must pay attention to advertisements on billboards written club information.
2.6. All members and their guests are asked to be kept a decent and proper in the premises “S&F Tennis Club”.
2.7. Any member who wishes to be accompanied by a visitor to the club, is bound to make them its internal rules of the club known.
2.8.Any health problem should be made known to staff prior to entry member desired activity.
2.9. Valuables are the sole responsibility of the members.
2.10. Lost and found items inside the club, its staff must be taught.
2.11. Parking, will be making only their spaces.
2.12. Members who wish to use mobile phones inside the club can do with it gave silent.

In case of failure of the Internal Regulation “S&F Tennis Club” reserves the right to take necessary steps in any situation.

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