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Academy Level I Tennis Program

The Level I Junior Tennis Performance program is designed for tournament players who have already acquired a National or International ranking.

This program runs for 5 days a week 2 – 3 hours of intensive training per day, throughout the year. Each level I player has an individual tennis profile, and through this, their training is monitored and constantly analyzed, in order to obtain peek performance.

Academy Level 2 Tennis Program

The Level II Junior Tennis Intensive program runs for 4 days a week 2 hours training per day throughout the year.

The Level II player is required to obtain all skills, shots, tactics and game knowledge, to progress through the S&F Tennis System into Level I and a future National tournament player.

Academy Level III Tennis Program

This program runs for 3 days a week 2 hours per day throughout the year. Its a semi-intensive program designed for players between beginner and intermediate level.

The aims are to have fun, learn the basic elements of the game, develop all tennis skills and physical elements in order to progress into higher levels of the game.

Academy Level IV Tennis Program

This program runs for 2 days a week 2 hours per day throughout the year.
It’s a recreational program designed for players at beginner level who want to enjoy learning and improve their tennis skills in a relaxed and fun environment, in order to progress to level III.

Other Programs

  • Scholar Tennis Program

  • Mixt Tennis Program

  • Social Tennis

    This is a social tennis program designed for all ages and levels of players.
    The program runs once a week for 2 hours in which players can enjoy playing tennis and benefit of, a well structured and organized activity.
    It’s aims are to help the players achieve the basic elements of modern tennis and have fun while learning new skills.

  • Mens / Ladies Teams

    This program is designed for all adult team players who represent the club in Local and National club events.
    The program runs twice a week for two hours where the players can enjoy practicing together and benefit of a well structured, relaxing, fun tennis program.

  • Sunday Club Program

    This program represents a social and recreational event for all tennis club members who can meet every Sunday and enjoy playing singles and doubles in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

  • Private Lessons

    A private lesson is not only a one to one activity between the tennis pro and the player. It’s the only time when the pro can concentrate 100% on a players individual needs.
    Using the S&F individual profiling system the pro will know exactly what drills, tactics or corrections to practice with the player.
    Through this method, the tennis pro can assure that the player will receive a well structured, organized, healthy and positive private lesson.

  • Play with a Friend

    At the S&F Tennis Club the members have the facilities and opportunity to book a tennis court at any time and enjoy playing with a friend.

  • Play with Ball Machine

    The S&F Tennis Club is always looking to improve its current facilities and continue to ad new ones.
    Plying with the ball machine is one of most desired facilities for the players at the S&F Tennis Club.
    It’s a fun, inspiring and educational experience to have. It helps improve your ground strokes, footwork, power and placement of the ball.
    The S&F Tennis Club provides it’s members with a large range of tennis ball machines, designed to fulfill all the players needs no matter the level there are at.

  • Gala Night

    Gala Night is a social event once a year, where all the club’s members celebrate together the end of a current tennis season and the beginning of the new one.
    It’s the only time where the players get to change into something more elegant and stylish, dance, dine and receive awards for their efforts and successes for the past year.

Club’s Internal Competitions and Tennis for All

The S&F Tennis Club organizes for all it’s members, performance, social and family internal competitions and events called “Tennis for All” such as:
– Adult Championship Cup for Men & Ladies.
– Junior Championship Cup for Boys and Girls.
– Junior Selection matches for all levels.
– Sunday’s Doubles Family Event
– Christmas Cub Family Competition
– Sunday’s Barbeque Family Event
– Clubs fastest server Cup.
And many more

International Relations

The S&F Tennis Club has a good history and back-round working with other International Tennis Academy’s and Club’s throughout Europe and United States.

The S&F Tennis Club organizes International exchanges of experience with players and adults from other countries. This gives the players a chance to travel, learn new skills, play against other International players, and take part in other International events that occur.

Tennis Club La Hulpe
(Belgia – Bruxelles)

N.I.T.A. Tennis Academy
(Marea Britanie – Londra)

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